5th March Bilbao 

6th March Bilbao

27th March Linz

31th March Vienna

08th April Carnuntum

4th June Busca

5th June Mantova

24th June Pristina

08th July Tartu

22th July  Durrës

23th July Durrës

26th July  Macot

27 th July Courchevel

05th August Ohrid

20th September Kragujevac

29th September Bærum

19th November Wimbledon: Mozartiana (two concerts in one day)

3th December Schwäbisch Gmünd






14th January Traun 


8th July Maria Enzersdorf

5th August Kaunas 

22th August Millstatt

23th October Ede, with Domenico Codispoti, piano

24th October Dalfsen, with Domenico Codispoti, piano

27th October Novi Sad with Tijana Andrejic Tenji, piano and Marko Dzomba, saxophone






22th February Sibiu 

24th March Pristina POSTPONED 

19th April Carnuntum POSTPONED 

24th April Novi Sad  POSTPONED 

25th April Novi Sad  POSTPONED 

21th May Newbury POSTPONED 

23th May Ubeda POSTPONED 

24th May Ubeda  POSTPONED 

11th July Tartu 

18th July Hallbergmoos

6th August Kaunas POSTPONED

16th August Telfs POSTPONED 

25th September Schloss Kirchstetten

30th September Vienna 

03th October Levoca  POSTPONED 

4th October Levoca  POSTPONED 

10th October Ecully

17th October L’Alfàs del Pi POSTPONED

24th October Ede POSTPONED

25th October Dalfsen POSTPONED


26th November Wimbledon POSTPONED 

28th November Wimbledon  POSTPONED 






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